‘Humber City’ – 2013 Splash Reel

For all of our fans and followers a very merry christmas and a happy new year from all at Humber City.

As a treat we present our 2013 splash reel and we very much hope we’ll get to add more too it in 2014.

The splash reel features footage from
Humber City – Season 1, Episode 1: Darkest, Before the Dawn
Humber City – Season 1, Episode 3: All That We Do

featuring John Carrigan, Joseph Stacey, Kenny Richards, Sophia Agnew, Michael Justice, Martin Upfold, Adam Bakes, Amy Forrest, Ewan Black, Michael Friend and Victoria Connett

executive producer Peter Goundrill
co-executive producer Gemma Deerfield
producer Shay McGreal
directed by Peter Goundrill