About Us

Humber City is a British sci-fi crime drama from the mind of Hull based writer/director Peter Goundrill.

What sets us apart from other web-series? We work to broadcast quality so it can be aired on TV should the opportunity to sell such a licence become available to us.

Set in a Fictional North Eastern city within the region of Yorkshire & Humberside we boast a strong cast plus strong storylines.

The important thing we feel is the utilisation of the visual and cultural landscape of the city of Hull as possible for this. We  feel it’s important to show more of Hull: a city which boasts a compelling, unique, rich and vibrant landscape.

Join Detective Chief Inspector James McGavin [John Carrigan (Star Trek Phase II/Cowboy Creed)] and the Humber City CID as they tackle a variety of cases intermingled with conspiracy and political unrest in a city desperately in need of hope and salvation.